Albert Drexel's Book
about Teilhard de Chardin

In 1971 Albert Drexel wrote a book about Teilhard de Chardin entitled, Ein neuer Prophet? Teilhard de Chardin, Analyse einer Ideologie. 7 editions in 1971 in German.

Pope Pius XII called the writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin "a cesspool of errors." The Church's condemnation of his writings remains in force. The Monitus reads: "Certain works of Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, including some posthumous, are published and cannot find the least benevolence. [...] In the philosophical and theological point of view, it clearly recognizes that the said works contain dangerous ambiguities and serious errors which offend Catholic doctrine."

Drexel's book was not translated into English. But other books, exposing the errors of Chardin, are available on the internet. Here is a list of some articles and books.

Appendix: Teilhard de Chardin: A False Prophet by Dietrich Von Hildebrand. From: Trojan Horse in the City of God, by Deitrich von Hildebrand (Franciscan Herald Press, Chicago, Illinois, 1967.)

Unmasking Chardin's Modernist Manifesto

Teilhard de Chardin: Arch-Heretic

The list of Albert Drexel's books is available At this link. These books have not been translated into English and are available only in German.